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  • We are working on the development of
    exotic citrus like YUZU & Sudachi.
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  • Fields in "Costa Azahar", (Castellón ~ SPAIN)
    where we grow the best exotic & commercial citrus.
  • Fresh YUZU
    Cultivated in "Costa Azahar" ~ SPAIN
    Be captivated by the unique aroma and flavor of this exclusive citrus.
  • Note: Web prices of fruit, include transport and taxes for Spain (Peninsula).
    The bigger quantity, the cheaper price/Kg
    Fresh citrus fruits, from our fields straight to your table
    without any post-harvest treatment, mantaining all its natural vitamins and aromas.

It's season:

We offer the consumer the best quality seasonal citrus


The best asian acidic citrus, very aromatic, in its full rippening phase.

Meyer Lemon

Noted for its flavour, that in contrast to the common lemons is sweeter and more pleasant to the palate.

Yuzu seeds

15 seeds : 15 €   Tax & EU shipping included

Nursery trees

Saplings / Seedlings

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Who we are?

We are the fourth generation dedicated to citrus production, recetly selling online the best selection of our products. We offer an alternative system to the traditional purchase of citrus, providing welfare and very healthy fruit, providing a delivery service for your convenience and thus enable you to enjoy a sustainable freshly harvested food, with no post-harvest treatments.