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P1: Oranges & Co.

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Pack 1: Oranges, Mandarins & Lemons THIS PACK INCLUDES (varieties according to preference and availability)...

P2: assorted Pack

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THIS PACK INCLUDES: Oranges  + Lemons + mandarins + Exotic Citrus (varieties according to preference and...


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Variety according to preference and availability. At the time of your order, we will pick and send you the variety...

"Sambaitai" seedless

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We offer a new and exclusive selection of varieties of mandarin "Sambaitai" Numbers 1-17, maturing between mid-season...

Satsuma mandarin

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It is much appreciated by the children and the elderly, as it is easy to peel, seedless and it has low acidity.   SEE...

Orogrós Clementine

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The last in early high-quality mandarines, the favourite of children for its sweetness and easy-peeling a super-early...

Clemenrubi Clementine

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Fruit of medium size to small, that matures from ends of September, and we harvest when the colouration of its skin...
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