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Yuzu, the citrus that has conquered Europe

Yuzu & Life - Innova con el yuzu

Traditionally essential in Japanese cuisine, fresh fruit Yuzu comes to high cuisines of Europe. Great chefs have included it in their creations.

Yuzu cocina oriental

Yuzu similar to mandarins, consumed since the skin is still dark green and as it matures, it turns green-yellow and finally yellow. It contains three times more vitamin C than lemon, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin P.

Acid and bitter tones, has a unique taste and your skin gives off an intense aroma that gives a great gastronomic value which has not left indifferent any great cook.


In the Eastern world, Yuzu is used in myriad ways, green fruit in baking recipes, sashimi dishes, sauces and vinaigrettes. And mature in jams, stews, cocktails and snacks even as the Asian version of KitKat Yuzu. Its juice is essential to develop the traditional sauce "ponzu".


Yuzu gourmet

In recent years the Yuzu has been introduced in European cooking, through great culinary artists who have given their views on this precious substitute lemon and lime: "It has an intense, fresh, marvelous scent attracts us. its citrus and green notes euphoric Joan Roca.

Ferran Adrià and Albert Adrià inspired Japanese cuisine created or foam powder Yuzu Yuzu juice among its many creations with citrus.



"It's like dressing for Asians, but it fits in our Mediterranean flavor to hot and cold dishes. It offers ambiguity in one bite, point acid, bitter and spicy" says David Muñoz which includes the exotic in their dishes as fried prawn conversely, chifa monkfish with white asparagus with butter or roasted rib of beef with tamarind.

Another of the many applications of Yuzu is in baking; the catalan Carme Ruscadella makes limoncello and Yuzu jellies, using them for dessert of strawberry ice cream and mousse.

 Yuzu Moreover, thanks to its aromatic flavor, may be perfectly among a select cocktail ingredients. Renowned mixologist Javier de las Muelas as used in formulas as Yobai, Yuzu Martini and Japanese Brulee.

Yuzu confiteriaYuzu cocktails

This versatile fruit is used to export from Japan himself and losing its freshness and quality. Citrus and Life will offer you a direct fruit of the tree to your table within 48 hours. We are pioneers in the cultivation of Yuzu in Spain and the first in the Costa de Azahar (Castellon) and guarantee maximum quality Yuzu so you can enjoy its authentic taste.

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