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We have several varieties of lemons, some almost seedless, we harvest them from November to June.Scientific Name:...
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P1: Oranges & Co.

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Pack 1: Oranges, Mandarins & Lemons THIS PACK INCLUDES (varieties according to preference and availability)...

P2: assorted Pack

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THIS PACK INCLUDES: Oranges  + Lemons + mandarins + Exotic Citrus (varieties according to preference and...

Buddha's Hand

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Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis

Meyer Lemon

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It is our greatest novelty in lemons, which has already achieved enormous popularity in the US and it is invading the...

Yellow YUZU

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The best Asian acidic citrus, very aromatic, in its full ripening phase.  Scientific name:  Citrus ichangensis X C....
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